Pre-ordering allows you to secure an item in advance ensuring you don't miss out.

At the time you place your pre-order, you will be required to pay the total amount due, including any shipping fees. Please be aware that becasue of the "PRE-ORDER" nature of such transactions, you should expect a delay between the date you place your order and the date the product is ready for shipment.

Moelleux will endeavour to ship pre-ordered items on or before the date specified. Unfortunetly we can not guarantee an exact date of arrival, we can only give you an estimate.

Once you place your order your payment will be processed and an email confirmation will be sent to your inbox. As soon as your order has been shipped you will receive a tracking number so you can follow the progress of your purchase.

If you have any questions concerning pre-ordering or if you would like to check on your order please send us an email at